Thoughts on buying used

Buying used often has a stigma over it, that you will have to settle for less, or goods that will break the moment you take it in your possession. In order to help you out with buying items second hand, I thought it would help you to give you some more tips and hints on what to buy. Between you and me, knowing what to look for when buying, will help you when selling!

To start off, I would advice you to have a look at this video by JayzTwoCents, this was my primary resource back when I started reselling items, or getting used products for my own systems. 

When buying used, information is power

Information is power, if you know just a bit more then the person in front of you, you will be able to turn what he thinks is his profit, into what we would call an investment. Just the other day I was parts hunting on the internet and I came across a (nice) guy who was selling his graphics card. I asked him what he used the card for and why he was selling, his answer made my deal.

"...I am selling this card because I need money, to buy myself a new RTX graphics card"
John Doe

What can we take away from this statement? 

  1. Seller wants easy and fast cash;
  2. He will be eager to close a deal;
  3. He might be susceptible to a low counter offer. Learn to not get victimized by this yourself!

Knowing all this, just from that one statement, I gave him an offer almost 70 Euros below his original asking price, after some doubts and persuading and me bluffing that I would otherwise walk away from the deal. John Doe accepted.

Read the salesperson

That brings us to my second tip, learn to read the salesperson. He might be the guy, you think you can trust, but on the used market a lot can be hidden behind a great smile and fancy talk. Try to learn the jargon, if someone talks about a mosfet, know what a mosfet is! For this I would also refer to the video down below from the guys over at GamersNexus. And maybe if your listed item is classified as being broken, and you know how to handle a soldering iron yourself, you can get some insane profit from just buying broken, fixing it up to being functional again.

Buying used mining cards

To kick in the obvious door, how about mining cards? Well like I said, knowledge is power. People often seem to think that mining cards have been running on a “balls to the walls” setting for all their mining lifetime, but the opposite might be true. As you can imagine, running a power hungry graphics card eats into a miner’s profit, so the smart miner would be the one running their cards undervolted. This means that the card will have less degradation than you might think. If you want to learn more I have found a great resource on the PC gamer website to help you read up on it.

In conclusion, get your information right, know what you are talking about and don’t be afraid to walk away, I hope this helps you get more confident on the used market and I hope all this will translate to you making more profit. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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