PayPal – Buyer’s protect WORKS!

At the beginning of my venture to find deals on the internet to flip for a profit, I ventured on eBay towards an obvious bogus advertisement to see if the buyer’s protect program really works. I am happy to report that PayPal kept their end of the bargain!

English Translation: We did not receive information regarding your claim from the seller. That’s why we will rule in your favor, expect a refund of EU 230,- within 30 business days.

One more to go

Since we have determined that PayPal is one of the more safer options to buy your goods online, if buyer’s protect is available. We are down to if buying on secondhand online markets is just as safe, when dealing with the police and the local government. 

Around the same time that I filed my PayPal claim, I also filed a report with the online Dutch police regarding another buy I did online, and so far there is no response. I guess that’s obvious, knowing that the amount that was stolen, is lower than that they usually deal with. I guess it is not worth a lot of resources, so if you have more experience with this than I have, please post a comment down below!

Protection plans like PayPal's

PayPal is not the only one offering safe and secure methods of selling and buying goods online. A lot of online markets have a third-party account, which acts like a kind of broker. You have to acknowledge the receiving of goods, or the receiving of money first, before the items are released. It is wise for you to look into these kind of protection programs before you start selling, or buying for that matter. 

In short, so far this experiment is working out nicely. I flipped some goods already, that brought me some nice savings for my upcoming holiday, and for me to start moving in with my girlfriend. I would say that if I was to spend more time on it, I would be able to make a lot more! Might be an idea to start a pop up store sometime in the future, stay tuned for that…

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