There I was, annoying the living light out of me, “stuck at a financial level I would never rise above.” So find out how to invest only 500 euros, an amount even a just-starting-to-work adolescent can attain and lose, and find out how to invest it, and turn it into a small capital!

This is what I will start with:

  • 500 EU (duh…);
  • Excel: track earnings and spendings (jargon);
  • Some online secondhand websites to get goods from, think of eBay, some local marketplace apps and of course the local “live” second hand market.

Now obviously every succes starts with failure, so I will not hold back on any details. Every failure, every succes will be shared. This all to help you motivate, learn from my mistakes and generate increased profits the moment you start your trade. Everyone will be successful in the end, just continue reading and follow my blog in every step I take.

Before you start investing, educate yourself on the basics of supply and demand. Also, keep in mind that you are prepared to lose the amount you invest. As you will find out in my blog, I have lost my fair share as well and it only teaches you how to become better at what you do, assessing risks and knowing whether to take them yay or nay. I cannot stress this enough, be sure to have a stable income before you start investing your money, you do not want to live on the streets just because of an experiment some guy on the internet told you about.

Just so no one can charge me in the court of law, everything you do after reading this blog, is entirely your own responsibility. Foresee every risk and think before taking any step. It is not my responsibility that you will lose your money, as it is not my responsibility that you will gain money. All is done by you, and by you alone


500 euros to invest
Never ever seen one in real life to be honest…